Eclipse Season 2018

Did you know that there are 3 eclipses occurring this summer?

Eclipse energy can last up to 6 months and there is a connection within the cycle of the three combined so it’s not only important to be aware the energy of each one of these powerful influences individually, also notice how they are all working together in your life.

When it comes to astrology, there is a lot of information to sort through and it can be quite confusing. I am not an astrologer, but because I am an energy healer and psychic intuitive, I find that having an understanding of the overall vibrations during eclipse season helps me navigate through my day-to-day and I can also harness and direct the flow of it. This assists me in healing old traumas, getting clearer on my path, and manifesting my desires from a clearer foundational intention.

Here is a little insight and perspective to keep you pointed in the right direction while the planets do their thing!

The first solar eclipse that took place this summer was on Thursday, July 12 in Cancer. This was a time for us to develop the qualities of flexibility, adaptability, and a willingness to learn. There are still some residual energies from this eclipse and with so many planets in retrograde right now, you may find you are either in resistance to these adjustments or you’re facing judgment by others (or self) in regard to the changes you have decided to make. The key here is to be in complete surrender to process so that you can move into the new states of being with as much ease as possible. What is your current situation trying to teach you about yourself?

The Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is on the calendar for July 27th. This arrival will help us realize the external implications of these shifts we felt from the July 12th event. It is often during a lunar eclipse that we become aware of the others’ influence. This moon is here to illuminate people’s “true colors” from another vantage point. This shift in perspective is critical — though you may not like what you see. During lunar eclipses, we are encouraged to let go of whatever is no longer in service to our soul or the greater good. This is the time to release, purge, and say goodbye.  Realize now how strong you are! During this time, you will get through something that you thought you couldn’t. Opportunity for profound change to happen very quickly (on a quantum level) is on the horizon. Is there something holding you back?

A second solar eclipse will take place on Saturday, August 11th. During this time the sun will be in LEO. Connection to your true self is asking to be illuminated here – when you allow for the lessons from the previous eclipses to transform you then there is a huge opportunity for something much better can come along. Be open to inspiration. Challenges will arise when you get “stuck” in old thought patterns and behavior so the key here is to intentionally remain in the flow. If you attach to a particular outcome or get caught up in wanting to control you may experience aggression. Now is the time to stand firm in what you believe in and be open to opportunities to express yourself from this level.

My overall prescription for everything is always ‘go with the flow’ and right now this is particularly important because, by doing so during this powerful time, we will be able to seize and utilize the potent vibrations in the cosmos to help guide us to the physical manifestation of our deepest desires.

Published by Stacey Justis

I am a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, tarot card reader, energy healer and lover Listed in Goop Guide as“Refreshingly laid-back and smart, equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach.”

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