There are Vibrations in Words.

As a hypnotherapist I am trained to listen to people when they speak. today I had 2 clients in particular where I pointed out a word that they were using that I don’t even think they had an awareness that they were using period we all have a friend who says no where they mean to say yes so for instance if you say are you going to come with me tonight to the dinner like we planned so say something like yeah, no I think I’m going to make it but I might be a little bit late.
They’re also people who will interrupt the using the word no. pay attention now moving forward and notice how many times are you using the word no where the proper word would be yes? now this may not seem like a big deal to some people but if you listen and you pay attention to what it feels like when you say yes and what it feels like when you say no when you recognize the vibration in the words and you’ve probably heard this before many self-help gurus talk about vibration of words in the power of the S10 so we understand rationally we understand analytically what that means but if you really understand energetically what that means that means that the vibration within the word itself because you there’s a vibration and your vocal cords that happens as you speak that vibration is being heard by the universe the universe might not necessarily know that the word no means what we perceive it to mean as no what the universe does realize though is that the vibration when you are saying that word is that a certain level and humans we are conditioned to associate words with meaning meanings translation to vibration the universe feels the vibration it’s as simple as that.

I remember in particular today another specific word and that word is “should.” Oh, and another word that stood out was “dumb” today it was used as an adjective. So the client was explaining something that they had to go do that was for the betterment of their life (because everything that we do in our lives is for our own good) and this person used the word dumb to describe the event that’s being attended. When we make a choice go to an event and then we describe that event as dumb then we are vibrating in the frequency of what we deem as dumb remembering that everything we do in our lives is by choice, we are telling the universe that we like vibrating in that frequency because we keep choosing to vibrate in the frequency of dumb, or should, or no.

Words mean (meaning translates to vibration ) different things to different people and associations to those words are different. Ultimately you have to decide what word vibrations you enjoy and which ones you don’t, and then you have to make a choice.

Obviously, there are certain words that have a universal “vibrational assignment” such as the word should and no. Conversely the vibration of the word Yes now vibrating at the word Joy is different than saying it though isn’t it and it really is about your association to what joy means to you personally so find the words that feels good within your body when you speak them and then go for more of that.

If you do get yourself into a situation and there is the illusion you created that you are obligated so you “have to” go to “dumb” event and you really do think it’s dumb, but you recognize that you’ve already made the commitment so the solution is to your attitude toward the event. Find one thing that you can look forward, find one aspect of it that you can be grateful for and focus on that. So you might say something to yourself like okay I realize that I have this opinion that this event is dumb, but I know because the universe is always for me and there’s going to be some magic that will happen and so I’ll go with an open heart an open mind,k

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