BC, New York, NY

Stacey has an amazing gift that I am so happy I got the chance to experience. She is extremely well versed in messages that come through, and took the time to explain certain symbols to me in order for them to enhance my life going forward. Stacey communicated some amazing messages to me regarding loved ones I have been deeply concerned about, and specifically read deeply into one of my (living) brothers. Learning of the journey his spirit has taken in past lives and how it relates to his current struggles was fascinating and gave me comfort that we are part of something so much bigger. She was able to so easily tune into the personalities, hearts, and specific struggles of those I love. As I write this,  just yesterday something she communicated to me that initially didn’t make sense came to light and I couldn’t help but laugh! It was so crazy.

I have a brother that passed away that came through, and that of course was among the most cherished parts of our reading. I have worked with another medium before and it was really interesting the different ways he (very accurately) came through with Stacey.

We spoke at length about my career which has been top of mind for me, and was the first message that came through for her. I have found comfort, guidance, and excitement through our time together. I am very grateful for the experience and the love and light she delivered! Thank you!

Published by Stacey Justis

I am a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, tarot card reader, energy healer and lover Listed in Goop Guide as“Refreshingly laid-back and smart, equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach.”