Lunar Eclipse – 2020 Excel-oration

On Friday Jan. 10th we’ll have our first lunar eclipse of this year and this decade.

This full moon in cancer promises to be intense.

The fully illuminated moon is a time of release and completion. It’s also shining a light on what may have otherwise be hidden. This means you may have insights and strong intuitive hits. Trust them.

Now is the time to have confidence in yourself and take action from the place that you know is the Truth. If you don’t you will suffer the consequences. These consequences will be revealed as feelings of entrapment, lack of fulfillment and inauthenticity.

Whenever there is a lunar eclipse the light is being blocked by the earth. This means The sun, earth, and moon are all in alignment. This line-up brings with it some powerful energy to release.

In ancient times, before the invention of the telescope, eclipses were feared and thought to be a bad omen. Of course now we understand they are a natural phenomenon, but this does not negate the influential energy of this event.

Astrologers say that the power of a lunar eclipse can alter your life if you know how to exploit it. Here is an opportunity to purge what no longer serves you.

What does that really mean? The best analogy I can offer is when something is “ripe for the picking.”

There is an order to things. Natural law dictates when fruit is ready to harvest and we know when the best time to pick something is. When the timing is right, the fruit is juicy, it’s at its highest nutrient point and its most tasty.

When the moon is full that is the most opportune time to focus in the direction of release or completion.

When there is an eclipse on top of that we have the opportunity to harness forces that are not normally available to us.

We can now choose to release everything that has been stifling us. This includes our own behaviors, and beliefs, as well as saying goodbye to people.

If you are on the receiving end of the goodbye, welcome it and know the relationship is complete, giving you space to greet someone new and something better!

If you’ve been putting off having a difficult conversation, waiting for someone to change, or are frustrated because you feel unheard or disrespected take action now.

No one is going to save you, and as for those people that have been contributing to the rifts in your life? Stop counting on them to alter their behavior to satisfy you.

Most likely, you have already made your decision, but have talked yourself out of making any moves hoping for an evolution that never came. No more procrastinating or benefits of doubt. Make your move now.

This eclipse calls for wisdom over fear. We have a choice. Choose to laser focus on yourself instead of projecting outward. Projection brings dissatisfaction and contributes to unnecessary pain.

What are the things you can control, what are the steps you can take, even small ones? Can you finally let go of what’s been holding you back?

You know where you need to do your work so if you can stay in your own lane you will benefit immensely from this time.

Remember the better we feel about ourselves the better we are for our world. It really is an inside job and if you don’t love yourself and take care of yourself you truly can’t do much for the rest of the planet.

Here are a few easy ritual ideas for the full moon that will have a beautiful impact on your life as we move into 2020 and beyond.

  1. Write your future self a letter thanking yourself and list all the ways you are going to honor yourself moving forward. Read it from the standpoint and burn the letter as your imagined future self. Watch it burn and as the fire goes out come back to now and thank yourself. Feel a sense of completeness by proclaiming “And so it is!”
  2. Make a list of all the things you want to release or get rid of. This can include physical items, behaviors, patterns, people, situations, etc. – anything that has been weighing you down. Fold the paper up and burn it saying out loud, “All that no longer serves me is released making room for the fresh, the new and the beautiful. I am ready to receive my greatest good. And so it is.”
  3. Set the intention at the beginning of the day that you are going to notice all the times you have a negative thought about yourself. When you “hear” the thought in that moment say to yourself, “That’s not true, I am letting that belief go NOW.” at the end of the day celebrate. Rejoice in the knowing you have let go of the lies you have been telling yourself.
  4. Clean out closets, refrigerators, storage units, etc. Clear clutter! Donate what you can and throw out and recycle the rest.

The overall energy of this time is one of deep contemplation about what we believe to be true about ourselves and our world. The shoulds, the judgments, and the rules are all up for questioning and you get to decide the direction you are going.

Let me reiterate – TRUST YOURSELF!

You know what’s best for you and you have it all within you so stop second-guessing and become your own guru, your own lover, and your own best friend! That’s the most Divine Contribution you can make to the world.

It’s time to excel!

Published by Stacey Justis

I am a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, tarot card reader, energy healer and lover Listed in Goop Guide as“Refreshingly laid-back and smart, equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach.”

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