New Moon in Pisces

St Patrick’s Day this year falls on a new moon in Pisces. You may find yourself wanting to stay home and curl up with a book instead of drinking green beer with your pals. If you catch yourself daydreaming or wanting to escape the next couple of days don’t fight those urges, you can use the power of that energetic impulse to get clear about goals, heal old wounds or just generally get to know yourself more!

Wherever you land this weekend, there is one thing you must do – have compassion for yourself and others. (It will most likely be much easier to have compassion towards others so be aware of your mind chatter, what are you thinking about yourself?)

The goal of this new moon phase is to be in the flow of the energy, whichever way it shows up for you.

With Pisces comes emotions, and there is a good chance some deep wounds could get triggered. The new moon reveals the shadowy side of things and this means the darker aspects of our emotions (those parts of us in need of healing) may be experienced.

Whether you are drinking green beer or green tea, the prescription for the healing is to feel those feelings authentically, even if that means you ugly cry! It’s important that we not only identify the emotions but also allow ourselves to be with the discomfort of them. Remember feelings are always temporary and once felt will ultimately pass!

Instead of judging yourself, mindfully send compassion to your emotional pain. This pain most likely comes from childhood events and judgment won’t help you heal, it will just keep the pain alive.

Keep in mind that compassion doesn’t mean you get to wallow or make excuses, it simply allows you to get real with yourself and let go of judgment around how your life “should” be.

Notice how it different it feels when you are compassionate instead of critical? There is freedom in acceptance and this is the formula for healing.

Here are some ideas to get through the discomfort that can accompany the rearing of unwanted emotion and harness the powerful energy of the Pisces new moon:

Right now. Set an intention that this new moon you are resetting your energetic system! Remember that joyful expression in any form, when done mindfully, can reset your nervous system, these forms of expression are like saging your energetic body.

Dance and Sing to your favorite music until you collapse in joyful exhaustion.

Play with children on their level, so you get back in touch with the playful side of yourself.

Plant. Plant seeds of desire by writing down your dreams and goals on a small piece of paper and burying it in the ground or in a potted plant. You can also plant actual seeds in soil with the intention that your dreams and goals are growing. Then nurture the seeds and watch them flourish!

Journal. Write about what worked in the past and what didn’t then give yourself permission to be grateful for it all, it’s brought you to this point. Are you able to be grateful for all your experiences and not just the ones you judge as good?

Meditate. Focus on gratitude for what you have and where you are. And be in joyful curiosity of the mystery of what the future holds.

Take naps. Mindfully set a time to take a nap with the intention of restoring your body and connecting to source. When we sleep we are in non-resistance so naps are good to reset your system, especially if you have had an ugly cry!

Take walks. With an open mind and an open heart, notice the sky, notice what is beneath your feet, really observe the world around you with a vulnerable curiosity.

The most important part of “DOING” is the intention you set before you take the action so choose joyfully with your highest good in mind and watch how it all unfolds!

Published by Stacey Justis

I am a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, tarot card reader, energy healer and lover Listed in Goop Guide as“Refreshingly laid-back and smart, equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach.”

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